My family and the money is a must. All the fame and all the pussy is just a plus.

Cole jokes around with Big Sean and Jhene Aiko about the time Jhene said she’d kill him in “Fuck, Marry, or Kill.” (x)

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Anonymous asked: When Bey started crying on stage after her performance, I started shedding tears too. Just being able to have witnessed her growth from girl-group member to mega solo star to an iconic, powehouse artist who is also a wife and mother, is emotional. Long live the QUEEN!


I think most of us fans were in tears or close to it. She’s come such a long way! She and her team have worked very hard.

Anonymous asked: You know what's great about stanning for Bey? She gives her all for for the Hive. There are some artists from her generation who came up with her (I don't have to mention any names) and are slowly fizzling out because they seemingly disregard their fans. However, she's shown she cares numerous times with her amazing music, stellar performances and just her ability to connect with us. Now I know why other fanbases hate Bey. It's because we get almost full satisfaction for being a fan.


Speak the truth.

  • teachers on the first class : take out your notes book
  • me : chill